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Stephen Burns has discovered the same passion for the digital medium as he has for photography as an art form. His background began as a photographer 28 year ago and in time, progressed toward the digital medium. His influences include the great Abstractionists & the Surrealists including Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Mark Tobey, and Lenore Fini, to name a few.

Stephen Burns is a Adobe ACP (Adobe Community Professional) and a corporate instructor and lecturer in the application of digital art and design for the past 15 years (See Resume). He has been exhibiting digital fine art internationally at galleries such as Durban Art Museum in South Africa, Citizens Gallery in Yokahama, Japan, and CECUT Museum Of Mexico to name a few. Part of his exhibiting won him 1st place in the prestigious Seybold International digital arts contest.

Digital Involvement

He teaches Digital Manipulation Workshops in the San Diego and is an instructor on . You can access his training at .

Now for the testamonials.

He is also an instructor for Photoshop Cafe ( where he produces a serie of extensive DVDs on the creative use of Adobe applications with other digital platforms.

He is the author of several books published by Charles River media.  They include “The Art of Poser & Photoshop” , “Photoshop CS  Trickery &  FX”, “Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery &  FX”, “Advanced Photoshop CS3 Trickery &  FX”,  “Advanced Photoshop CS4Trickery &  FX”, “Advanced Photoshop CS5Trickery &  FX”  and “The Art Of Poser Pro & Photoshop CS4.  Each chapter is a step-by-step instruction on creating digital effects and art work.

He has also a contributing author in the book “Secrets OF Award Winning Digital Artists” (Wiley Press) and “Photoshop CS Savvy” (Sybex).

He is the president of the San Diego Photoshop Users Group( .of which there are currently 3000 members strong and growing.

His teaching style comes from his ability to share an understanding of Photoshop so that the student has the ability to intuitively apply it to his/hers creations.

He makes his living as a corporate trainer teaching workshops in the use of digital cameras as well as Photoshop for business applications. Stephen’s expertise also extends into 3D animation and digital video special effects & editing on which he also produces educational tapes and DVDs.

On the fine art level, Stephen has organized exhibitions with galleries and artists from South Africa, Europe, Mexico, and Switzerland. He is currently on a subcommittee for the prestigious Siggraph 2003 Convention setting up digital art exhibitions that will be included in addition to the Siggraph Digital Art venues.




2002 “Marriage Of Fantasy & Reality”, Friedman Occupational Center, Los Angeles, (USA)

2001 “Exceptional Insight”, Rosemary Lane Gallery, Chula Vista, California (USA)

1996 "Architecture of the Spirit", Nobel Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

"Spirit Visions", Underhill Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

1993 "Chrome Allusion", Gretchen Howard Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

"Images Beyond The Minds Eye" Emerald Shapery Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

1992 "Images From Beyond The Minds Eye", African American Museum Of Art, San Diego,

California (USA)

"Chrome Allusion", San Diego County Administration Building, San Diego, California (USA)

1990 "Intimate Interpretation", United States International University, San Diego, California (USA)

"Unique Views", Third Floor Corridor Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)



2012 Borders Lyceum Theate & Mexico

2003-2005 SIGGRAPH International Traveling Exhibition

1999 “Doors/Transmigration”, Southern California, South African Exhibition

Organized by Stephen Burns - Exhibition Locations: Artshare Gallery Los Angeles, Tijuana Cultural Museum and University of Baja California

1997 "Passages", Lyceum Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

1995 "Cultural Alchemy" (Traveling Exhibition)

Johannesburg Biennale, Johannesburg (South Africa)

Cultural Museum, Tijuana (Mexico)

Lyceum Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

1993 "San Diego, Tijuana, Yokohama Contemporary Cultural Exhibition" (Traveling Exhibit)

Citizens Gallery, Yokohama (Japan)

Cultural Museum, Tijuana (Mexico)

COVA Art Gallery, Lemon Grove, California (USA)



2013 "SDPUG Exhibition", San Diego , California a (USA)

2012 "SDPUG Exhibition", San Diego , California a (USA)

2011 "SDPUG Exhibition", San Diego , California a (USA)

2004 "La Jolla Art Association Group Exhibit", La Jolla, California a (USA)

2003 “SIGGRAPH 2003 ”, San Diego, California (USA)

2003 “D5 Digital Visionaries”, Art Institure Of Califonia-SD, San Diego, California (USA)

2002 “D5 Digital Visionaries”, Norh County Gallery, Econdido, California (USA)

2002 “D5 Digital Visionaries”, UCSD Grove Gallery, La Jolla, California (USA)

2001 “Seybold International Exhibition”, Poway Art Museum, Poway, California (USA)

2001 “D5 Digital Visionaries”, Poway Art Museum, Poway, California (USA)

1998 "Faculty Show of UCSD", Grove Gallery, La Jolla, California (USA)

1996 "One Dead Beatle and Several Living Artists" Underhill Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

"Faculty Show of UCSD", La Jolla, California (USA)



"DASART", Tatham Art Museum, Pietermaritzburg (South Africa)

"DASART", Durban Art Museum, Durban (South Africa)


"Vital Expressions", Lyceum Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

"Tint", Red Venus Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

"Group Show”, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California (USA)

"African/American Art", Cultural Concepts Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

1993 "Art Walk", Robert Horby Gallery, San Diego, California (USA)

"Inviting Diversity", San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California (USA)

"Today's Modern Art", Blondes International Gallery, Mira Mesa, California (USA)

"C-Note", Emerald Shapery Tower, San Diego, California (USA)

1992 "International Exhibition", Delmar, California (USA)

"Blondes International Gallery", Mira Mesa, California (USA)

1991 "Group Exhibition", Keesling Gallery, La Jolla, California (USA)

“A New Vision, A New Decade", African/American Museum Of Art, San Diego, California (USA)



2000-2007 “Digital Manipulation Workshops”, Encintas, CA

2003 Shutterbug Digital Worshops- Proleader in photography & digital manuipulation with Photoshop.

2003 “Digital Application for Landscape Photography”, Natural History Museum, San Diego

1999 - 2004 “Photoshop application and Technique”


Instructing Experience

2005-2007 Digital Photography & Photoshop: Irvine Valley College

2003 – 2006 Instructing Creative Photo Art & Photoshop Courses: Palomar College

1995 – 2006 Instructing Advanced Photo Art Courses: University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Craft Center

2003 Shutterbug Digital Worshops- Proleader in photography & digital manuipulation with Photoshop.

2000 -2003 Image Arts etc. corporation - Corporate Trainer- Photography & Digital Manuipulation with Photoshop.

1) Creative Photographic Techniques

2) Digital Cameras

3) Zone Systems Techniques (Death Valley Weekend Trip Included)

4) Commercial Lighting Techniques

5) Compositional Studies

2003 Digital Arts Instructor at the Natural History Museum of Balboa Park

(Classes held in their new IMAX Theatre)



2013 "3D Integration & Artistic Expression, Adobe Presentation at Havard Medical Center

2011 "Digital Artistry Workshop, SIGGRAPH 20011 in Vancouver, Canada

2010 "Digital Artistry Workshop, SIGGRAPH 2010 Los Angeles, CA

2009 "Digital Artistry with 3D & Photoshop", SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans

2007 "Digital Artistry with Photoshop, SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego, CA

2006 "Digital Artistry with Photoshop, SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston, Mas.

2006 “Digital Manipulation for the Professional Photographer”, ASMP

2006 “Creative Digital Application For Nature & Landscape Photography”, San Diego Sierra Club

2006 “Creative Digital Application For Nature & Landscape Photography”, San Diego Sierra Club

2000 - 2004 “Photography in its Artistic Form”, University of California San Diego (UCSD)

2000-2004 “The Digital Art Of Stephen Burns Using Photoshop”, Guest Presenter,

Del Mar Fair E-Arts International Digital Arts Exhibition

2003“ Digital Applications To The Landscape”, Natural History Museum, San Diego(in IMAX Theatre)

2002 “The Digital Art Of Stephen Burns”, Institute of Technology (ITT Technology), San Diego

1999 “Creative alternative to Photography”, Darkroomers Photographic Society

1998 “Chrome Allusion”, North County Photographic Society

1998 “Chrome Allusion”, Darkroomers Photographic Society

1997 “Professional Approach To Photography as an Art Form”, Bob Nishahira, Palomar College

1996 “Chrome Allusion”, San Diego City College


Books Produced

2008 “The Art Of Poser & Photoshop CS4” , Charles River Media

2008 “Advanced Photoshop CS4 Trickery & FX” , Charles River Media

2007 “Advanced Photoshop CS3 Trickery & FX” , Charles River Media

2006 “ Creative Digital Photography, Going Beyond the Still Image with PhotoShop CS2”, Wordware

2005 “Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX” , Charles River Media

2004 “Photoshop CS Trickery & FX”, Charles River Media

2003 “Secretes Of Award Winning Digital Artists”, published by Wiley Press. (Contributing Author)

2004 “Photoshop CS Savy”, published by Sybex (Contributing Author)

2004 “Photoshop Secrets Of The Pros”, published by Sybex (Technical Editor)

2004 “Photoshop CS At Your Fingertips”, published by Sybex (Technical Editor)


DVD Produced

2013 "Introduction to 3D Photoshop CS6", Published by Photoshop Cafe (

2013 "Introduction to Artrage", Published by Photoshop Cafe ( )

2012 "Photoshop CS5 3D Advanced", Published by Photoshop Cafe ( )

2010 “Understanding the Basics”, Published by Photoshop Cafe ( )

2009 “Understanding the Basics”, Published by Xtrain (

2009 “Basic Modeling in LightWave and 3d Layers”, Published by Xtrain (

2006 “Advanced Photoshop CS2 Techniques”, Published by Kurv Studios (

2005 “Photoshop CS Fundamentals”, Published by Kurv Studios (

2005 “Get Into Photoshop CS”, Published by Kurv Studios (



1995 "Collage", CCV, Channel 2, Johannesburg (South Africa)

1990 "The Artist", KUSI, Channel 51 (hb Tony Digesu)



1995 "DASART Victorian Installation", Art Review, April 30, Johanasburg, South Africa (Terence King)

1994 "The Arts", San Diego Union, July 18 (Robert Pincus), California (USA)

"Making It", San Diego Union (Ozzie Roberts), California (USA)

"Lyceum Gallery", Voice & Viewpoint, December 1 (William Yancey), San Diego,

Califor nia (USA)

1993 "Chrome Allusion", Encinitas Sun, February 25 (Curt Barry), Encinitas, California (USA)

"Chrome Allusion", San Diego Arts Monthly ( March Issue), California (USA)

1990 "Photo Art", Portfolio Magazine, cover story, San Diego, California (USA)


Community Involvement

2006-2007 Director of the International Digital Art & Photography Exhibition at the San Diego County Fair

2000-2007 President, San Diego Photoshop User’s Group

2004- 2007 President, San Diego LightWave 3D User’s Group

2005-2007 Advisory Board, HDRI 3D Magazine

2004-2006 Advisory Board, KeyFrame Magazine

2002-2003 Art Gallerie Subcomitee, Siggraph, Digital Arts Convention

2002-2003 President, San Diego, North County Photoshop User’s Group

Located at Mira Costa College, Oceanside

1995-96 President, Board Of Directors, San Diego Art Institute

1994-95 Vice President, Board Of Directors, San Diego Art Institute

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